Natural ADHD Supplements

Natural ADHD Supplements

Several natural ADHD supplements seem to be effective in treating ADHD.  Hence, many patients will not deal with the side effects of amphetamines. Similarly, giving these types of medications to their children is troublesome. Because of this, let's discuss some supplements that may be beneficial to patients.

Fish Oil

The fatty acids found in omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid are good fatty acids. As a result, brain function formation relies heavily on essential, good fatty acids.  In other words, fish oil is vital in ADHD supplementation.

A researcher in the psychiatry department at the University of Oxford said that a lack of certain polyunsaturated fatty acids might ... View More

Anti-Aging Supplements That Really Work

Which Anti-aging supplements should you take and why? Good anti-aging supplements will promote youthful gene expression.

Scientists from Life Extension have identified certain anti-aging supplements that have the ability to triger youthful gene expression.  By doing so, these anti-aging supplements can slow certain aspects of aging.  These compounds include trans-resveratrol, whole grape extract, quercetin, plus certain anti-aging supplements found in berries, including trans-pterostilbene and fisetin. Resveratriol Many studies published from scientific literature indicate that resveratriol, inparticular trans-resveratrol, may be the most ... View More