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We do not charge for our consultative services. Call with your questions and see if we can solve some of your problems.

At PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy, our mission is to provide you with quality products, services and professional excellence, which results in your satisfaction and improvement in your well being.

If you have special medication needs for hormone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction,  low testosterone,  pain management, veterinary medications, discontinued products, or products free from dyes, fillers, or preservatives, PharmaCare can help!

We address patients’ unique prescription needs. PharmaCare has a number of ways to help make your medication therapy more effective and efficient. For example, if you are having trouble locating a certain medication, need a custom dosage size or form, or require special eye drops, PharmaCare can provide a formulation that is convenient, chemically correct and easy to administer.

PharmaCare has been located in Tallmadge, OH for over 10 years! You will be hard pressed to find pharmacists who are more knowledgeable about compounding anywhere in the U.S. This is because our pharmacists are passionate about helping you feel better. Our pharmacists have seen their patients improve and improve drastically.

If you need a specially made medication or dosage, low cost prescriptions, or the finest available supplements and CBD products, we’re here to help!

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