How to use a Penis Pump

Men are embarrassed to ask how to use a penis pump. They no longer have to! They can watch this video in the comfort of their own home.

Men’s Health

Most men should pay more attention to their health.  Men's health issues often go neglected because men are more likely to smoke and drink.  Men are more likely to make unhealthy or risky health choices.  But men are LESS likely to seek routine medical visits. Many men's health issues only affect men.  For example, low testosterone (Low T), erectile dysfunction (E.D.), and prostate cancer are issues that only men have to deal with.  By and large many men's health concerns are embarrassing and difficult to talk about. Erectile Dysfunction By definition this occurs when a man cannot get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.  Of course this men's health issue is of particular concern for our male patients.  In addition, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical ... View More