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  • People often fear going to the dentist. It could simply be anxiety related to what may happen during a procedure or it could be fear related to the sound of a drill. We may have solutions for a variety of patients ranging from an eight-year-old getting a cavity filled to an eighty-year-old getting fitted for dentures; each patient is unique and may benefit from custom-compounded medication.
  • Some examples of problems that compounded preparations may solve:
    • Procedural anxiety
    • Pain relief
    • Dry socket treatments
    • Fluoride treatments
    • Gum disease
    • Plaque removal
    • Oral ulcers
    • Canker sores
    • Tooth whitening
    • And more!
  • Dentists may find different dosage forms very beneficial. For example, if a patient is experiencing nausea a tablet or capsule does the patient no good. We could compound the drug into a dissolvable troche that would dissolve under the tongue. Or, we could compound the medication into a topical gel that could be rubbed into the wrist. There are many studies that show that certain medications can be absorbed this way.
  • Other creative solutions for dental related problems may include mouth rinses, liquids, pastes, lip balms, or even lollipops.
  • The taste of some currently available dental products may be a major obstacle. Some dental rinses, solutions and gels have an unpleasant flavor. Our staff at PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy can help the medicine taste better without changing efficacy of the medication. For example, a bitter antibiotic could be made more palatable with a chocolate mint flavor. Or, another good bitter masking trick is to add marshmallow and vanilla.
  • Cherry flavored lollipops could be particularly useful to a pediatric dental practitioner. It could be a great way to give a child an oral anesthetic. Depending on the child it could be the only way unless you want to get into a wrestling match.
  • Many dental practitioners are now doing cosmetic procedures. In addition to our Rx Skin Therapy product line, we can compound preparations like bleaching gels, products for rosacea, and all sorts of anti-aging preparations.
  • Oral ulcers can be problematic for many patients with not many treatment options. We can compound pain medications and antibiotics into a powder that actually sticks to wet surfaces. It will form a “bandage” over wet skin.
  • A compounding pharmacist working with your dental practitioner can do wonders for you and you dental health.