Generic Drug Program

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About the Generic Drug Program

Even though we are a compounding pharmacy, we are aware of the skyrocketing prices of commercially available, generic medications. In addition, we are active in our community and we do not want to see residents of Northeastern Ohio have to decide between groceries and their medications. As a neighborhood pharmacy, we’re always here for you; providing expensive, necessary generic drugs at low costs.

We offer one-year supplies of popular generics insanely low prices. Even if you’re not in the neighborhood, we can ship medications throughout Ohio. Actually, most of our patients like having their medications shipped directly to their home or office.

**We are NOT an internet pharmacy, or an E-Commerce site. We are NOT a Canadian Pharmacy that is going to sell your credit card information**

You will need to get a prescription from YOUR doctor, sent to the pharmacy. Please call the pharmacy to arrange for payment.
Whether you’ve lost insurance, tired of expensive co-pays or need to provide prescription benefits for your employees, check out our Extended Supply Generic Drug Program, where everyone realizes significant cost savings.


We get that question a lot! The answer is we are not under contract with insurance companies so we can charge our patients a fair price on all medications. It sounds confusing to patients when we tell them we are CHEAPER because we DO NOT bill insurance. It is true for our compounded preparations and it is true on these generic drugs. If you do not believe us, just look at our generic drug prices. We’ll make believers out of you!

We price ALL of our generic drugs based on what it costs us to acquire them. Most chain pharmacies price their generics off of what the brand version costs, even it only cost them pennies to acquire the generic!

Example: Effexor XR 150mg #90 retails for about $365 at any pharmacy. We sell 30 of the generic version Venlafaxine ER for $60. Yeah, there is that much difference!


Those medications cost the big box retailers pennies. The goal of those programs is to get you into their store and bring them ALL of your prescriptions. Yeah, some of them will be $4.00. So what, those medications were always dirt cheap. When you take them a generic drug that is not on their list, be ready to pay them big bucks!