Hospice Care

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  • At Pharmacare we understand that quality end-of-life care is imperative not only to the individual, but their family as well. As such, we take our responsibility of compounding specialized medications for hospice patients exceptionally seriously.
  • Much like hospice, we can offer a specialized, individualized service. At times, hospice patients’ medication needs may not be met by commercial medications or the pharmacy that is contracted with the skilled nursing facility. PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy can help in these situations and aid in relief of the patient’s pain and discomfort. Due to the uniqueness of our services, we are often considered a vital member of the hospice team.
  • When caring for a patient in hospice, one of the primary jobs of the compounding pharmacist is to work with the physician to manage the patient’s pain. We can also offer solutions to control other complications such as anxiety, nausea, vomiting and restlessness.