Adaptogen for Adrenal Support

Seriphos: An Adaptogen for Adrenal Support An adaptogen refers to adaptogenic herbs that can be used for adrenal support.  Furthermore, different adaptogens will do different things for adrenal support.  Therefore, knowing which adaptogen to use is vital. Stress Stress is a common feature of everyday life that can raise cortisol levels and lead to significant health problems.  Therefore, Seriphos was developed to aid in lowering cortisol when cortisol levels are elevated due to acute and chronic stress.  Learn more about the negative effects of stress. Adaptogen for Stress Resiliency Seriphos contains key nutrients for stress resiliency.  It provides the adaptogen pure phosphorylated serine for adrenal support.  Additionally, ... View More

Does Stress have to be Detrimental to Your Health?

Stress causes Adrenal Fatigue which will cause Premature Aging.The demands of our fast paced society are continuously increasing.  They challenge us to see how fast we can get something done and how many projects or events we can squeeze into one day.  More often than not, we do it at the expense of our own health.  While many people work full time jobs, additional part time jobs, balance children's activities, along with having to keep up with household chores, our days are packed full without much time to recover or focus on our health.  Living this type of lifestyle can disrupt our normal ... View More