Nutrient Depletion Caused by Prescription & OTC Medication

Chronic Medication Use can cause Nutrient Depletion As patients are diligently taking their prescribed or OTC medications, they could be unknowingly depleting themselves of nutrients.  This is constantly seen, many times in the form of medication side effects.  Encompasses in this article are some examples of commonly prescribed medications knows to cause nutrient depletion. Vitamin K Depletion Commonly penicillins are used to treat numerous infections.  This class of medications have been known to deplete vitamin K, which in turn increases INR.  It is thought that penicillins decrease the amount of vitamin K producing bacteria in the GI tract.  This can become an issue in patients concomitantly taking Coumadin (warfarin).  Most people do not remain on penicillin drugs long enough to ... View More