Veterinary Compounding

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Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Compounding simply refers to allowing us to compound custom medications for your animal.  We all know giving a dog, cat, bird or even your pet hedgehog a medication is difficult.  What makes it even more difficult is that drug companies design medications to give to a child, not a pet.  Therefore, drug companies flavor medications grape or cherry.  By using a pharmacy that specializes in veterinary compounding, you can have these medications compounded into fish, beef, liver, or peanut butter flavored liquids.  Or, a veterinary compounding pharmacy could compound small, flavored tablets or even small capsules.  Or, you can even ask your veterinary compounding pharmacist to make a transdermal gel.

We Love Our Pets

Our patients LOVE these dosage forms!  Are you having a difficult time giving your pet its medication? Are you tired from, “cat rodeos” every time you go to give your cat its thyroid medication? Do you think your dog would like a bubble gum flavored antibiotic that is designed for a child? Or would your dog rather have a beef flavored medication that was designed for a dog? These situations can be very stressful for you AND your pet. Let us help remove some of that stress; call us today to see if we can help.

Veterinary Compounding at PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy in Akron, OhioVeterinary Compounding


  • We help veterinarians choose the right drug every time.  We help veterinarians select medications specifically designed with the veterinary patient in mind. This allows the veterinarian to treat the patient in a more effective manner.

Just like our human patients, animals are unique and have individual needs for taking medicine. Frequently, our pharmacist helps veterinarians choose unique dosing options for:

Compounding for Cats


  • Cats who refuse to take any medication orally
    • Medications can be compounded into a gel that are applied to the cat’s ear. Therefore, many medications are absorbed well when softly rubbed into the ear once or twice daily.
    • Cats do not like really sweet or really bitter medications. We often find that cats like liver, fish or grilled chicken flavors. In addition, PharmaCare also compound a Triple Fish suspension.  We make it with real sardines, real tuna and real anchovies. This is a great option for really picky cats.

      Compounding for Dogs

  • Dogs with ear infections who are difficult to pin down and put ear drops in.
    • Putting drops into your dogs ear three times daily is extremely difficult.  Do you have time to do this?  If not, is the medication really going to work or are you just creating an infection that is going to be resistant to all antibiotics and difficult and expensive to treat in the future?
    • In these circumstances we can compound a poloxamer otic gel that will fill the entire ear canal.

      Medication Dosed once a Week

    • The veterinarian can instill the gel and it stays put for 7 days! Many veterinarians are seeing a 95% success rate with only one dose!
    • This gel exhibits thermoreversible gelatian behavior. This means that when stored in the refrigerator, the gel is a liquid and when this gel is at room temperature it is a solid gel.
    • This formulation is unique in that it stays where you put it. This dosage form is easily stored as a liquid at refrigerated temperatures. The poloxamer is a gel when heated to body temperature.  This allows the finished preparation to stay in your pet’s ear for an extended period of time; they will not be able to shake it out.
  • Dogs that are really large or really small that need a really large or really small dose of a particular medication. Commercially available medications do not meet these needs.
  • Discontinued medications
  • Our pharmacy can provide flexibility in strengths and concentrations and provide unique dosage forms such as eye drops, ear drops, sterile injectables, topicals, transdermals, suspensions, liquids, and miniature tablets as well as a significant number of flavoring options.
  • According to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, 93% of veterinarians say that compliance monitoring has a positive impact upon their practices. PharmaCare Compounding can improve compliance.  We can compound various dosage forms.   These dosage forms are:
    • Are easy for the owner to administer
    • Are in a flavor that the animal actually enjoys taking.
    • Providing cost effective therapies.

How to Choose a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

Our pharmacists are experts when it comes to choosing the right dosage form that is safe and effective for your beloved pet.  Many veterinarians will only use compounding pharmacies like PharmaCare.  This is due to their accreditations that demonstrate our dedication to making a quality compound each and every time.


The AVMA only recommends using a PCAB accredited veterinary compounding pharmacy because other pharmacies do not produce reliable results. Therefore, PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy is proud of this accreditation.  PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy meets the highest standards of quality and safety. When it comes to your beloved pets, what could matter more than that?