Insurance Coverage

  • PharmaCare Compounding Pharmacy does not bill any insurance directly. That being said, almost every insurance plan allows for the patient to be reimbursed by sending in universal claim forms. While you may be paying us directly for your compounded prescription, most insurance plans should cover the final cost, less your co-pay or deductible.
  • There are several reasons we handle insurance plans in this manner. The primary reason being that we, simply, do not like insurance plans telling us what to charge our patients. In addition, why should the insurance company tell your physician what medication is best for you? If we were to bill insurance, the majority of our patients would actually be paying MORE for their compounded preparations. This is because our cash price is frequently LESS than what your copay is on compounded medications. For example, we have patients transferring their hormone prescriptions to us all the time from other pharmacies because the price with their insurance is $67.00. Our price for the same medication with no insurance is only $37.50.
  • This is just an example and all patients are different. If you do not see how we can claim that we are inexpensive because we do not bill insurance, just check out our generic drug list. Look at our prices compared to a national chain pharmacy that claims to be inexpensive.
  • The idea that we are expensive because we do not bill insurance directly is a falsehood. The reality is you will probably pay less for your compounds because we are not obligated to bill you and your insurance contracted rates.