Here is a testimonial from a recent patient who was kind enough to sit down and share some of her thoughts with us regarding her experience with Rx Skin Therapy.

What is your skin type?
It was oily, but has changed and now it is normal.

How did you get turned on to Rx SKIN THERAPY?
The staff at PharmaCare was kind enough to let me sample the products before I purchased them. Once I tried them, I knew they were great products.

Tell us about your success with Rx SKIN THERAPY.
Well, my acne is non-existent and my skin has completely changed. My sun damage has improved. It took about 2 months for me to notice but now others notice and that says a lot.

What are your favorite products and why?
The glycolic acid peel. The peel is unique because it is a gel and it is the product I believe that has changed my skin. It has resolved my acne and my skin glows after every application.

What would you say to anyone looking to improve their skin?
They need to learn about products that can change their skin. Not only the Rx SKIN THERAPY products, but products like fish oil (Omega 3 fatty acids) that work internally as well.

What other skin care brands/products do you use and why?
Glo mineral make up. Since my skin has changed, I can wear less make up like a mineral sheer makeup if I want to. This is one of the largest benefits of Rx SKIN THERAPY. You may need to spend more on the products but the reward is even greater.

“I wanted to get back onto the football field as quickly as possible. As a college athlete, I only have a limited amount of time to play football. The sports medicine physician for my university and the pharmacist at PharmaCare worked to create a pain gel that I applied throughout the day and they also worked together to come up with a compound that my physical therapist used during my physical therapy sessions. I am pretty sure what PharmaCare compounded for me worked a lot better and faster than oral NSAIDs.”

20 year old college athlete

“I recommend PharmaCare to any of my patients who require their medication to be compounded. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a key element in evaluating the quality of a compounding pharmacy is whether the pharmacy is accredited by an independent accreditation body. For example, the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) offers accreditation to compounding pharmacies that meet high quality and practice standards.. Be aware that independent accreditation is different from association or professional training center memberships that may lack quality assurance programs and inspections. Not only are the pharmacists a great resource for my staff and myself, I can rest assured my patients will get what I prescribe.”


“My doctor told me to use PharmaCare because they are one of the few accredited compounding pharmacies in not only Ohio, but the entire country. She told me I would see much better results if I used their pharmacy. I believe she was right.”

45 year old female

“I was getting my pain gel from an out of state pharmacy. This pharmacy was billing my insurance $2500 per fill! It put me into my donut hole half way through the year. Not only did PharmaCare make the same medication for only $75 per fill, they filled my cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and diabetes medications. By filling them at PharmaCare I can now stay out of my donut hole for the entire year! I no longer have to worry about not being able to afford my medications.”

74 year old female

“I cannot get my cat to take any medication orally. PharmaCare makes the medication in an ear gel that I simply rub onto his ear twice daily. It has made my life a lot less stressful.”

65 year old cat lover

“I have sores on my legs from chemotherapy. PharmaCare made me a powder antibiotic in a puffer bottle that sticks to my wound. I have tried many different products but nothing comes close to removing the small like this compound does.”

81 year old female

“My son had to get an antibiotic compounded. At first we tried to have our regular pharmacy make it; it was so bitter that it was impossible to get him to take it. It was so stressful. The pharmacist there said he did everything he could. He told me to try PharmaCare. They made it so my son actually enjoyed taking this stuff! They asked him what his favorite flavor was and that is what they flavored the medication. Having PharmaCare and their expertise as our fingertips is priceless for my family.”

30 year old mother of 2

“I had some remodeling done at my house. It upset my cat so much she stopped using her litter box. The vet told me he would talk to the pharmacists at PharmaCare about what might work best. The medication worked and my cat started using his litter box again. I thought I was going to have to put him down but now I don’t have to.”

35 year old cat owner

“My pain gel changed my life. It is a wonderful medication. I do not go anywhere without it. I usually apply it every morning and I am good for the day.”

77 year old female patient